The publication of the new all-Ukrainian magazine “Modern medical technologies” is of great importance both for the scientific community and for the general public of practicing doctors. It is the technology that has allowed to raise the level of modern medicine and the mastery of these technologies to a new, unprecedented level. These technologies are the key to effective and efficient medical care. The degree of implementation of high-tech diagnostic methods and medical treatment in medical practice is one of the indicators of the development of the health care system of the modern country. Such an introduction is impossible without the involvement of doctors of various specialties, heads of medical institutions, scientists and manufacturers. Any doctor, offering this or that method of diagnosis or treatment to his patients, should know all the opportunities that a modern healthcare system can offer. To provide physicians with such information is called a magazine, the first number of which you hold in your hands.
I want to congratulate all readers on the birth of the new Ukrainian medical journal “Modern medical technologies” and wish him success and future popularity among the medical community.

The Deputy Minister
health care of Ukraine
Doctor of Medicine, Professor