Magazine issue №2, 2017


Original research

Complex treatment of purulent complications of open fractures-dislocations ankle joint in diabetes mellitus.
Pobel E. A., Klyatskiy Yu. P., Trybushnyi O. V.,Trufanov I. I., Banit O. V.

Evaluation of oxygen balance indicators of 7-(2′-hydroxy-3′-isopropoxy)propyl-3-methyl-8-(4′-fenilpiperazin-1′-yl)-Xanthine in rats blood on hyperlipidemia background.
Ostapenko A. O., Bilay I. M., Romanenko M. I.

Features of immunоlogical and physiological parameters in patients with lymphorrhea after mastectomy.
Boyko V. V., Ovcharenko O. V., Makarov V. V., Bodrova O. Yu.

Clinical and epidemiological features of combined thoracic trauma.
Stupnytskyi M. A., Pavlenko A. Yu., Biletskyi O. V.

Pathomorphological features of liver edge resection in 7 days after high-frequency
electrosurgical welding and monopolar electro-coagulator apparatus using.

Chernyaev N. S.

Peripheral arteriovenous fistula as vascular access for prolonged chemotherapy.
Kostyuk A. G., Tkachuk T. V., Kiselev F. V., Kovalev A. A.

Optimization of surgical treatment of acute destructive cholecystitis.
Grom A. P.

Gender distribution impact on tuberculosis features and outcome.
Lesnic E. V., Todoriko L. D.

Microbiological characteristics of pleural empyema.
Pertsov V. I, Telushko Ya. V., Savchenko S. I.

Actuality of development soft medicinal drugs with essential oil of Thymus vulgaris L. usual for the prophylaxis of gynecological diseases.
Fukleva L. А., Puchkan L. О., Biriuk I. А.


Refractory germ cell testicular tumors: prognostic factors and principles of treatment (аnalytic literature review).
Sakalo A. V.

Clinical cases

Silent sinus syndrome.
Raskin I. A, Kashirin V. A.

Methodological tools of the researcher

Computer technologies of statistical analysis of biomedical information.(Part second. Nonparametric methods for comparing three or more groups.Fisher’s exact test)
Kashirin V. A., Leonov V. P., Tomashevskiy A. V.