Magazine issue №3, 2017


Original research

Endotoxins of gram-negative bacteria affect cellular factors of infertile men’s innate immunity. Vorontsova L. L., Kryvohatskaya Yu. O., Kovalenko V. A., Dub M. I., Zhuravlova M. Ye., Mikheev O. O.

The stress response evaluation in patients with colon cancer after colorectal operations with different methods of anesthesia.Zavhorodnii O. O., Gritsenko S. M.

The innovations technologies in rehabilitation of the antiterrorist operation victims.Kovaleva O. V., Kovalyova A. V., Maliarenko Yu. V.

Diagnostic possibilities MRT in the estimation of the state of vertebral channel at mts defeats.Miagkov O. S., Sementsov O. S., Nakonechniy S. Yu.

Strategy of anti-inflammatory therapy in patients with ovarian benign tumour-like formations.Shapoval O. S.

Audiological screening of breast age children. Shevlyuk P. P., Gusakov A. D., Zakharchuk S. M., Kurochkina T. I.

The larynx malignant neoplasms in Ukraine (2001–2016). Horolets O. V.

Microcirculation state of the lower limbs in patients with sepsis and mixed form of complicated diabetic foot syndrome. Shapoval S. D., Tribushniy O. V., Savon I. L.

Modern onkoepidemiological situation and timeliness of diagnosis of malignant neoplasms in Kiev
Kravchenko V. V.

The forecast of bronchial asthma current at adults in polymorphism dependence in 896A/G gene TLR4 and 2258A/G gene TLR2. Lyakhovska N. V., Sakevich V. D., Lyakhovsky V. I., Kapustnik Yu. O.

Endogen intoxication indices and NO metabolism in patients with psoriasis with concomitant malassezia infection. Veretelnyk K. A., Fedotov V. P.


Application of ursodeoxycholic acid in the treatment of functional disorders of the biliary system. Babich V. L.

Surgical methods of treatment of the terminal stage of heart failure. Tanskyi V. G.

Patients’ criteria selecting for heart transplantation (Expectation list).Tanska O. O.

Clinical cases

Congenital hypothyroidism – the importance of diagnosis in the first day of disease. Cherevko V. V., Senatorova A. V.

Methodological tools of the researcher

Computer technologies of statistical analysis of biomedical information(Part Three – Correlation Analysis). Leonov V. P., Tomashevskiy O. V., Kashirin V. О.