Magazine issue №4, 2017


Original research

The osteo-correctional achillotomy place in the formation of support stump of foot after amputation its anterior section in patients with diabetic foot syndrome. Besedin O. M., Kosulnikov S. O., Malyuk Yu. Yu., Karpenko S. I., Tarnapolsky S. O., Kravchenko K. B., Kudryavtsev A .С.

Comparative evaluation of local treatment of purulent-necrotic complications at diabetic foot syndrome by application sorbents. Belyaeva О. O., Rybyanets Yu. V., Krizhevsky Ye. Ye.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of local treatment of wound infection with the help of the original application sorbent in the experiment. Bilyayeva O. O., Kryzhevskyi V. V., Karol I. V., Golub A. A.

Use of the vacuum-therapy method in complex treatment of long-term purulent wounds. Vekigotskiy A. N., Savitskiy R. V., Leonov A. V., Rybak I. M.

Surgical treatment of combat damages of abdomen during the hybrid war. Herasymenko O. S.

The wound process monitoring in the anterior abdominal wall tissues with the help of remote infrared thermometry.Drabovsky V. S., Malik S. V., Avetikov D. S., Mikitchenko V. V.

Methodology of prevention and early diagnosis of disease on the primary medical aid in the conditions of influence of increased stress. Diachenko L. О.

Differential treatment of patients with diabetic foot syndrome. Kаnikоvsky О. Е., Sander S. V., Ruban M. M., Fеdgаgа О. P., Моsоndz V. V., Karyy Ya. V.

The modern approaches to oro- and pharyngostomy surgery reconstructive. Karp S. Yu., Нalay О. О.

The condition of specialized aid of patients with laryngeal cancer in Zaporozhye region (2001–2016). Kashirin V. O., Khorolets O. V., Fudashkina L. M.

Surgical treatment of gunshot wounds to the colon.Kashtalyan M. A., Shapovalov V. Yu., Herasymenko O. S.,Kashtalyan M. М., Yenin R. V.

Results of surgical treatment of calcaneal fractures in patients with diabetes mellitus. Kovalchuk P. Y., Gasko М. V., Tuliuliuk S. V., Khomko О. Y.

Evidence based prevention in the practice of general practice doctor – a family doctor. Lekhan V. M., Kryachkova L. V., Gritsenko L. O.

Experimental comparison of contact and non-contact electrosurgical hemostasis after liver resection
Petrushenko V. V., Grebeniuk D. I., Stoika V. I., Stukan S. S., Formanchuk A. M.

Experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of local cell autotransplantation in the treatment of chronic gastric ulcers in case of hemorrhagic shock. Petrushenko V. V., Grebeniuk D. I., Sobko V. S., Radoga I. V., Taran I. V.

Microbiological structure of lower extremities trophic ulcers of the venous genesis.Ryabushko R. M.

Pyo-necrotic processes among the patient with diabetic foot syndrome complicated with sepsis. Resistant and multiresistant agents. Shapoval S. D., Trybushnyi O. V., Savon I. L.

Morphological changes, united complications and gender dynamics of duodenal ulcers bleeding.Shepetko E. M., Yefremov V. V., Strumenskiy D. O.

Bipolar electroexcisis and endoscopic laser photocoagulation of colon polyps.Filip S. S., Bratasuk A. M.

Effect of ozonic and local vacuum therapy on reparative process activation in patients with ischemic-gangrenous form of diabetic foot syndrome.Foundiur V. D., Iftodii A. G., Yakobchuk S. O., Grodetskyy V. K., Khomko O.Y.

Neutrophil-lymphocyte index and procalcitonin as markers of purulent-necrotic complications in diabetic foot syndrome. Fuss Yu. O., Voloboyeva А. O.

Application of galvanoenterosorption of antibacterial drugs in multimodal treatment of patients with thermal burns. Khomko O. Y., Petryuk B. V., Sydorchuk R. I., Semenyuk I. E.,Hrebeniuk V. I., Biltsan O. V., Zazulia I. V.


The resident microbiota, immune system and bacterial carcinogenesis (review).Kovalev O. O., Horolets O. V.

Методологічні інструменти дослідника

Computer technologies of statistical analysis biomedical information(Part Four – Regression Analysis).Leonov V. P., Tomashevskiy O. V., Kashirin V. O.