Magazine issue №4, 2018


Original research

Experimental-morphological assessment electric welded connection of the unter-intestinal anastomosis.
Podpryatov S. S., Podprytov S. Ye., Hychka S. H., Hetman V. H., Makarov A. V., Marynskyy H. S., Petrenko O. F., Chernets O. V., Tkachenko V. A., Tarnavskyy D. V.

Substantiation of using of vascular preparation of Ciostazol in the patients width diabetes mellitus type II and the syndrome of diabetic foot.
Bilyaeva O. O., Balinska M. I., Krizhevskyi Y. O., Pogrebnyak V. V.,Shchegljuk R. P., Skida I. O.

Influencing of endotheliotropic drugs on parameters of the wound process in patients with burns.
Kozinets G. P., Osadcha O. I., Linnyk O. M., Shmatova O. O.

Complex treatment of elderly and old-aged patients with anaerobic non-clostridial infection, comorbid conditions and diabetes mellitus.
Stets M. M., Antoniv V. R., Yu. Tsyura

Defeat of the microcirculatory bed in patients width diabetes mellitus width critical ischemia of the lower limb.
Didenko S. N., Savitska I. M.

The treatment results of wound defects in patients width diabetic foot syndrome by vacuum therapy.
Gerasimchuk P. O., Daikalo I. M., Zaporozhan S. Y., Fir D. B., Pavlychyn A. V.

Features of diagnostics and surgical treatment of tuberculosis associated with HIV-infection.
Koshak Yu. F., Savenkov Yu. F., Kuzyk P. V.

The ultrasound survey at tendons brush injuries-the necessary diagnostics in our time.
Fuss Yu. A., Khoma T. V., Voloboyev A. O.

Local using of platelet-rich plasma in patients width diabetic foot.
Petrushenko V. V., Grebeniuk D. I., Skupyy O. M., Yurets S. S.

The effectiveness of ocenicsept in the treatment of the hand purulent diseases.
Fuss Yu. A., Poloviy V. P., Khoma T. V., Voloboyeva A. O.

The changes of proliferative activity in wound tissues at vacuum low dosed influence.
Veligotskiy A. N., Savitskiy R. V., Leonov A. V.

Comparison of efficiency radiofrequency and laser energy using in varicose lower limb veins treatment.
Petrushenko V. V., Tatarin A. E., Grebeniuk D. I., Tsyhalko D. V.

Preliminary results of the international project for the study of prognostic pathophysiological parameters for abdominal sepsis.
Sydorchuk R. I., Khomko O. Y., Plehutsa O. M., Knut R. P., Tkachuk O. V.,Ilaschuk I. I.,
Kyfiak P. V.