Magazine issue №1, 2018


Original research

Optimization of surgical tactics in case of pathological discharge from the nipple of the breast. Aksenov O. A., Belonenko G. A

The experience treatment of telangiectasias and veins reticular varicose by compression phlebosclerosis therapy method.Galyga T. M., Suprun Yu. O., Dibrova Yu. A.

Vacuum therapy in the preparation of wounds for autodermoplasty in patients with diabetic foot syndrome.Gerasymchuk P. O., Fira D. B., Shidlovskyi O. V., Pavlyshyn A. V.

Combined local treatment of purulent-necrotic lesions of diabetic foot syndrome. Kizimenko O. O., Krasnov O. G., Lyakhovsky V. I.

Evaluation of the quality of family doctors’ activities in providing palliative care. Moiseenko R. O., Goida N. G., Tsarenko A. V.

The feature longitudinal, circular deformations and twisting of the left ventricle for patients by hypertension 1 and 2 stages of disease. Molodan A. V., Dotsenko N. Ya., Boyev S. S., Shekhunova I. A., Ivashchuk V. A.

Dynamics of lipid profile in patients after myocardial infarction acute. Fedi M. M.

Evaluation results of the Zaporizhzhya regional target social program HIV-infection/AIDS prevention. Petrovska O. D., Velygodska O. V., Tarasova T. O./

Enterosorption and intratissular electroforesis of antibacterial drugs in termal burns Petruk B. V., Sydorchuk R. I., Khomko O. Y., Semeniuk I. Ye., Petrynych V. V., Hrebenyuk V. I., Makarova O. V., Popovych A. Y.

Effectiveness of treatment of diabetic arthrosteopathy.Podpryatov S. E., Podpriiatov S. S., Zubarev V. G., Salata V. V.,Ivakha V. V., Korchak V. P.

Dynamics species composition changes of leading pathogens and associates in biofilm of the purulent necrotic processes soft tissues Sydorchuk R. I., Khomko O. Y., Plehutsa O. M., Tkachuk O. V., Kifiak P. V., Sydorchuk L. P.

Diagnosis of gram-positive and gram-negative sepsis in patients with complicated diabetic foot syndrome. Tribushniy O. V.

Clinical significance of anatomical features traumatic defectsof brush soft tissues. Fuss Yu. O., Khoma T. V.

Application of the newest technologies in the surgical treatment of diverticular disease of the colon. Shapovalov V. Yu., Masunov K. L., Artemchuk D. Yu.


Extra-cerebral disorders at the subarachnoid spontaneous hemorrhage in subarachnoid. Buchakchiyskaya N. M., Polkovnikova K. Yu., Kutsak A. V.

Erysipelas, the modern condition problem. Vasilevskaya L. A.

Psychological characteristics of geriatric patients seeking emergency medical care Sid E. V.

Clinical cases

Features of the interrupted aortic arch in the neonatal period.Khapchenkova D. S., Senatorova A. S.

Methodological tools of the researcher

Computer technologies of statistical analysis biomedical information (Part Five – Time Series Analysis). Tomashevskiy А. V., Kashirin V. А., Leonov V. P.

Engineering and technical infrastructure of intensive care units and patient safety: comparative characteristics of European and domestic standards. Fedosiuk R. M., Kovaleva O. M., Slabkiy G. O.

Formalization of Selection of individual rehabilitation programs in obesity. Khudetsky I. Yu., Antonov-Rafi Yu. V., Copochinskaya Yu. V., Intellihator D. O.